Registration Form


1 Instructions: Please ensure that you allow 15 minutes to fully complete these forms since, for security reasons, you will not be able to save partially complete forms. All fields with a * are required. You may use the tab key to move to the next field. Please use this form to provide your demographic information.
2 Please enter information for an emergency contact.
3 Please provide your primary care provider
4 Please use this form to tell us about how you perceive your health. Each of these questions must be answered.
5 Please list all medical problems and surgeries that you have had. Be sure to list those that have been treated by both western and alternative health practitioners. Also list those that have not been treated. Please use the
6 Use this form to list your prescription medications, doses and frequency. If you take more than 10 medications, bring the additional bottles with your to your appointment. Do not include supplements, vitamins or herbs. Please bring your supplement, vitamin and herb bottles in for your visit.
7 Use this form to list any allergies that you have.
8 Please use this form to list significant illnesses or symptoms that immediate family members have had.
9 Please use this form to provide information about your lifestyle and habits.
10 Please use this page to describe your dietary habits.